Request Parameters

One request at a time with the celebrity being under 40 with a fit body and if an international celeb must be well known. The pose, attire and type of fake left up to me.

I will only make one fake per celeb every month, it will help with the quality and give more variation to who is faked. Search the celeb to see the last post date, you don’t need to take into account the number of days in a month, round about will do.

Quite often I won’t be able to fulfill a request due to poor headshot quality but I will let you know so another can be chosen. The quality of the headshot has a huge impact on the quality of the fake and it’s style.

Please wait until I have posted your fake and you have left a comment/thanks on the page of the fake I made for you before asking for another.

Here’s a list of celebrities whose headshots are either too poor or have only one or two of a good enough quality to make fakes of and have been put into semi-retirement. I will fake them again if new good quality headshots appear.

Andrea Lowe, Catherine Southon, Ellie Harrison, Francis Tophill, Jacqui Oatley, Sophy Ridge, Tina Daheley, Laura Kuenssberg, Natasha Raskin & Rebecca Atkinson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must the request be of a celebrity under 40?

Because putting a 50 year old head on the body of a 25 year old looks ridiculous. I only use high quality bodyshots when making fakes and the companies that provide them only use young models. I also need large galleries of thumbnails to sift through to find images that will correspond to the headshot I want to use. To use any other method would take such a long time I would end up producing two or three shitty fakes a week.