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  • 25/5 – Oh blimey the international ones are hard work as there are so many in a lot of the albums to filter. Hope to be finished in ten days and then we will be completely back to normal apart from the fact that we have just sold the flat and are moving abroad but never mind that for the time being. FBB will not be going away I will just be extending the time until I ask for fees.
  • 20/5 – The government might bar UK internet users access to this website and other adult sites due to the Digital Economy Bill. There is no telling when this will happen, it may be tomorrow or perhaps after the election.
  • To circumvent this a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will be needed and they can be rented for a few pounds a month. Here’s a link to a comparison page of the best ones out there as considered by PC Mag.
  • The Opera browser is free and has a built in one and although it’s not technically a true VPN it may be enough to get you to your porn.