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20/7 – Hola! all going well here in Spain but inevitably a little behind schedule. Hope to be uploading new fakes again on Monday but as for requests I can’t give a date yet as I need at least a 17 inch screen laptop (for the time being) to make them on. So it looks like I will be ordering one from the UK as the prices here are a tad silly.

05/07 – We have had quite a few new members recently so let me bring you up to speed about the website. FakeBritBabes is a re-booted version of my old site Jack’s Celebrity Fakes with all the sub-standard fakes removed. The re-uploading of old content is at about 90% complete and unlikely to be finished until after I have moved to Spain. The shoutbox avatars are assigned automatically unless you open an account at Gravatar and upload your own. I can answer anything else you might like to know in the shoutbox. Enjoy!